Juan Sebastian Yakisich  



Editor-In-Chief.   Drugs and Therapy Studies 2010- present.
  Managing Editor   Frontiers in Biosciences 2013- present
  EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBER     Clinics and Practice 2011- present
  EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBER     SOAJ Pathobiology and Toxicology 2013- present
  EDITORIAL TEAM   AJ Pharmacy and Pharmacology  2012- present
  EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBER   IIOAB Letters   2011- present
  FACULTY ONCOLOGY    WebmedCentral 2011- present





Anticancer agents in Medicinal Chemistry for a hot topic issue "EMERGING CONCEPTS AND THERAPEUTICS STRATEGIES FOR THE TREATMENT OF BRAIN TUMORS"




  AD HOC REVIEWER   Clinical Cancer Drugs 2013
      Anticancer agents in Medicinal Chemistry 2012
      Marine Drugs    2012
      Pharmacology  2012
      Cellular Oncology 2012
      The Chinese Journal of Physiology 2012
      Apoptosis 2011
      African Journal of Biotechnology 2011
      Brain Research   2010
      Molecular Nutrition and Food Research 2009
  STAFF REVIEWER   Current Drug Therapy 2012 -.present
      Medical Hypothesis   2011 - present
      Journal of Cancer Science and Therapy 2010 - present
    Stem Cell Studies 2010 - present
    Journal of Nucleic Acid Investigations 2010 - present
    Webmedcentral 2010 - present





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